Future Improvements

Areas to be addressed for further stabilization of the model
This sheet will be further updated with PB Model in the coming weeks.
Latest Version : As tracked by Google sheet

Rebalancing of methodology, weightage and score through volume testing
- There are no reference models available for the ESG rating of Digital Assets. This is one of the first and few attempts.
- The methodology, weightage, and scoring must be further stabilized through volume testing to establish the resilience of the model through various data samples and situations.
- 60% of overall attributes across Manual & GSRM tabs require stabilization
- Testing 15 Cardano Digital Assets will reasonably stabilize the majority of indicators for Cardano
- However, the model must be tested using a variety of industries, impact types, and blockchain types in the subsequent stages
The Crypto Industry and the Digital Assets under consideration are in their infancy
- The data available are very limited.
- Some of the key concepts, designs, and performance in the crypto industry are far from standardized.
- Innovations and inventions are rapidly happening and the model must keep up with them closely.
- DAs are assessed based on their ‘intent’ or ‘prospectus’ rather than their actual performance.
- Typical businesses and impact funds are assessed based on their performance which are disclosed either as part of regulation or published authorized material.
- The model must cater to DAs in different stages of the life cycle in the future.
Critical Review, challenge, and diversity of thought-process are key
- Currently it reflects one team's thoughts. Thorough review; collaborative debates; challenging the model and scoring methodology; and bringing the diversity of thought-process from different angles are extremely important for an industry rating system.

Next steps:

  • Review, feedback loops
  • Resolve ""Pending Items"" in Manual & GSRM Models
  • Devise an approach for ASLCA-DPSIR method or alternate mechanism to arrive at PB Product performance
  • Accordingly include the PB dimension to this model
  • Devise overall rating scales and dashboards.
  • Test and rebalance the model (Manual + Traditional ESG + PB Product Performance) thoroughly by running it through more Digital Assets.
  • Publish final dashboards
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