Measures the impact of investments in agriculture, such as the creation of sustainable agricultural practices, the improvement of food security and access to food, and protection of natural resources

  • Smallholder Agriculture:

    • This category focuses on improving the livelihoods of small-scale farmers, who make up a significant portion of the world's agricultural workforce. The subthemes under this category include increasing access to agricultural training and information, improving the pricing stability of agricultural products, increasing access to and use of agricultural risk mitigation products and services, improving access to quality agricultural inputs, enhancing farm profitability, improving financial health of farmers, and increasing food security through smallholder farms.

  • Sustainable Agriculture:

    • This category focuses on improving the sustainability of the agricultural sector by addressing the interlinked challenges of environment, health, climate, and social equity. The subthemes under this category include improving ecosystem health, human health, and climate resilience through agriculture, improving resiliency of food systems, and promoting social equity and justice through agriculture.

  • Food Security:

    • This category focuses on ensuring access to adequate, safe, and nutritious food for all. The goals under this category are currently under development, but they will likely include initiatives aimed at reducing food waste, improving food distribution systems, and addressing issues related to malnutrition and hunger.

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