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Impact (Negative)

Measures the potential negative impact that the asset may have in areas such as environmental degradation, social inequality, and economic disruption.
  • Which are the primary SDGs impacted? This category assesses which United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the asset may negatively affect.
  • Which are the Primary IRIS Impact Categories? This category assesses which Impact Management Project (IMP) IRIS impact categories the asset may negatively affect.
  • Are there any characteristics that leads to a probable scenario of negative impacts overpowering the positives? This category assesses whether the asset has any characteristics that may lead to a scenario where the negative impact outweighs the positive impact.
  • Impacted Population: This category assesses what are the specific groups of people or communities that may be negatively impacted by the asset's negative impact.
Based on the answers to these categories, the asset is assigned a score for the Impact (Negative) parameter, which reflects the extent and specificity of the potential negative impact it may generate.