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Manual Quant and GSRM

GSRM and Manual Quant scoring system is use to know how each Key Category is going to be graded. Both systems are scored the same way, but the dimensions and focus each one has is different.

Dimension and Focus Manual Quant:

  • Initial elimination exercise
  • Quick analysis
  • Based on peripheral and direct information
  • Qualitative

Dimension and Focus GSRM:

  • Comprehensive
  • Analyzes claims and evidence to the extent available/derivable
  • Aligns with the latest frameworks, norms, and developments
  • Defines a futuristic model, adoption can be evolutionary
  • Qualitative & Quantitative
  • To be automated once stabilized
Key Categories, Category Groups, and Indicator Scoring Methodologies/Elimination Criteria:
Each Key Category contains different Category Groups that help identify the topics forming it. Every Key Category has its own final weight.
The Category Group is formed by different indicators that detail what is being measured. Every Category Group has different Indicator Scoring Methodologies or Elimination Criteria that detail how it is going to be measured.
The Indicator Scoring Methodologies or Elimination Criteria includes weightages on how to specifically measure each of the indicators, where all the indicators have a minimum and maximum score.
Asset Scoring:
When assets are analyzed, a grade must be given according to the score the Indicator Scoring Methodology provides, which is then placed on the Weighted Score at Category Level / Indicator Score.
Once every indicator has been graded and the corresponding score has been provided, we must sum the maximum score possible, multiply it by the Key Category weight, and divide it by the sum of the result of the Indicator Scoring Methodology.
(Sum Maximum Indicator Scoring Methodology x Key Category weight) ________________________________________________________________________________________ Sum Result Indicator Methodology Score
Response and supporting information
A quick response is required for the assets that meet the indicator, followed by supporting information to fully justify why the assets accomplished the indicator. Lastly, we need references from where the information is obtained.
This procedure should be applied to each individual Key Category to provide a complete score for both the GSRM and Manual Quant system.