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To understand the entity’s strategy for addressing significant sustainability-related risks and opportunities. Such information supports evaluations of whether sustainability-related financial risks and opportunities are incorporated into an entity’s strategic planning and are core to an entity’s strategy."
  • Business Strategy, Model, Product & Service: Evaluates the identified problem statements and solutions covered by the entity’s strategy, products, or services.
  • Innovation Quotient: Assesses the level of innovation in the entity’s strategy, products or services.
  • Level/evidence of financial inclusion addressed: Determines the extent to which the entity’s strategy addresses financial inclusion.
  • Level/evidence of consumer protection enabled: Evaluates the level of consumer protection provided by the entity.
  • Level/evidence of cross-border-remittance reduction enabled: Assesses the extent to which the entity’s strategy reduces cross-border remittances.
  • Level/evidence of price volatility containment enabled: Analyzes the level of price volatility containment provided by the entity’s strategy.
  • Business Strategy, Model, Product & Service
    • Identified Problem Statements Vs Solutions covered by Strategy, Products or Services