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Biodiversity & Ecosystem Conservation

Focused on preserving and improving the health of ecosystems and the relationship between nature and humans.
  • Conserving land flows for nature and people: This goal aims to conserve and protect land areas that are important for biodiversity and ecosystem health.
  • Improving agricultural water use practices: This goal focuses on improving the sustainability and efficiency of water use in agriculture to protect water resources and enhance ecosystem health.
  • Improving water quality through source water protection: This goal aims to protect water sources from contamination and improve the overall quality of water resources.
  • Increasing the sustainability of wood and wood-based products: This goal seeks to promote sustainable forestry practices and the use of sustainable wood products.
  • Improving ecosystem health through agriculture: This goal aims to improve the health of ecosystems through sustainable agriculture practices.
Biodiversity & Ecosystem Conservation sub-theme aims to protect and enhance the health of ecosystems and the relationship between nature and humans through the conservation of land flows, improved agricultural water use practices, improved water quality, sustainable forestry, and improved ecosystem health through agriculture.
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