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Global Impact Score

The Global Impact Score is composed of the final scores of each Measurement System. The weightage given to each Measurement System can be modified and adapted to what the analyst considers important, depending on their specific goals and objectives.
The final Global Impact Score is a comprehensive evaluation of the social and environmental impact of digital assets and represents the culmination of the evaluation process. It provides a standardized and quantifiable measure of an asset's impact, which can be used by stakeholders to ensure that digital assets are sustainable and socially responsible.
The final report includes a detailed summary of the asset's Global Impact Score, along with descriptions of the asset's evaluation based on the Manual Rating System, GSRM, SDG, and IRIS+.
The final Global Impact Score looks like this:
As you can see, each Measurement System and Key Categories has a final weightage.
Once a final numerical score is assigned to each asset, we have to assign a corresponding letter score: