đŸĒ…Manual Quant

Designed to provide investors with a comprehensive and objective assessment of a project's sustainability and impact dimensions.

The system evaluates assets based on the following Key Categories:

  1. Alignment to Impact Investment: This parameter assesses how closely the asset aligns with the principles and goals of impact investing, which aims to generate positive social and environmental impact alongside financial returns.

  2. Impact (Positive): This parameter measures the positive impact that the asset is expected to generate in areas such as environmental sustainability, social justice, and economic development.

  3. Impact (Negative): This parameter measures the potential negative impact that the asset may have in areas such as environmental degradation, social inequality, and economic disruption.

  4. Organization: This parameter evaluates the governance and management structure of the organization behind the asset, including factors such as transparency, accountability, and expertise.

  5. Strategy: This parameter evaluates the overall strategy and vision of the organization, including factors such as scalability, innovation, and adaptability.

  6. Risks: This parameter assesses the potential risks associated with the asset, including financial, regulatory, and operational risks.

  7. Technology: This parameter evaluates the underlying technology of the asset, including factors such as security, scalability, and interoperability.

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