Real Estate

To address the challenges faced by people in securing affordable and quality housing, which is a fundamental human right.

  • The goal of the "Affordable Quality Housing" subtheme is to improve the quality of housing, increase residential stability, increase housing affordability, and increase access to supportive services through housing.

  • The goals under the "Green Buildings" subtheme are currently under development.

The emphasis on affordability and quality housing is intended to improve the living conditions of people and provide a stable foundation for communities to thrive. The goal of improving housing quality is aimed at ensuring that people have access to safe and healthy living spaces, while the focus on increasing affordability is meant to make sure that housing is accessible to people from all income levels. The aim of increasing residential stability is to ensure that people can live in their homes without fear of displacement or eviction, and the focus on increasing access to supportive services through housing is meant to provide people with access to the services and resources they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

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